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VIP girls do not belong to typical representatives of the order of Homo sapiens. These are very special creations. They were designed to make this world more perfect, to decorate it and draw with new colors. Elite girls were muses for artists: poets, musicians and artists from immemorial times. In our age when the world is ruled not by art, but business, half-baked muse inspire successful and accomplished men who are creators of modern civilization and the blessings of progress. The objective of our modeling agency Queens Palace is a unique meeting of beauty and real opportunities.

Believe us we have something special to offer the powerful of this world. We collaborate with the best girls of the country which have not only stunning looks, but also pronounced talents. These are young actress movie, star of musicals, fashion designers and amazingly emancipated show-girls. We also organize beauty pageants and modeling auditions. But among the winners we select in our agency only those who have serious education and the pursuit of development. Even if the girl is very beautiful, we did not invite her to cooperate, if she understands luxury only by looking through the many glossy magazines. We select only those who have an innate sense of style, impeccable reputation and bright personality. We know you are interested only in extraordinary personality who is ready to take on life is the best?

Status of vip-women is the highest level. It will ensure you the highest standard of enjoy. Choosing meeting with elite girl you have to remember that only depends on you what role play. You'll be connoisseurs of beauty, intelligence and charm or become a full owner, the owner and master of the one cannot simply "buy". You must conquer vip-girl by generosity, imperiousness and the ability to "put the world at her feet." Instead, it gives you outrageous fun, improve your status and success, satisfied your male ego. All this can not affect on your mood in general and the degree of confidence in particular.

Relations with vip-girl under a contract with escort agency guarantee you full and transparent service. We guarantee to you absolute integrity and privacy of our models of our relationship. In this case, you stay unconnected of moral obligations to the girl, and she is well aware this fact. Other words, you are two business partners, which solve the problems of today together with full dedication. But in this case, no one knows what will be the result of this similar acquaintance: light to anything non-binding novel, passionate night or full of tenderness and love relations between two halves. In any case, you should be prepared to anything!

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